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   Hey there watchers and random fellows that pass through my page!
I'd like to inform you that I am about to graduate high school and soon enough ( in May - June of 2015) I'll have to sit for my final exams.They are not easy.. so I'll have to make the proper preparation and study hard! My daily routine will mostly be classes and homework(starting from the 3rd of September) , so ... not much time to draw and log in deviantart for the time being.
I'd just like to inform everyone that I'll propably be inactive most of this year , so ... don't expect much from me ... I'll try but no promises...
   It's just a year I guess ...
I am also about to give away my group :iconnarutoartcommunity: for the same reasons... so you can check this journal for more information ... also if you could spread around the world I'll be more than gratefull since I'll have to have everything done untill this Sunday (7/9/2014) In need of a new founder(please response soon)Hi there dear members and admins!
   The reason why I am writing this journal is to let you all know that I'll have to be inactive for quite a while (seriously , maybe for a year or so ...) due to personal reasons. I am about to graduate high school and I'll have to sit for some not easy exams , so I have to make the proper preparation and study hard. I don't think I'll have the time to log in deviantart for this period of time , since I'll mostly take extra classes and also have school homework...
The admins are working hard and there is a submition limit that more or less keep the submitions' number stable ...
I'd prefer not giving away the group , but it seems to be the only option since the group can't stop being active for like a year or so...
   The group is a huge community(7,241 members) and I can say that although not many events take place here , considered to be a quite organised group.It grows through the time and I'm gratefull to you all. As some of you

And something quite irrelevant (mostly for those who read my journals out of curiosity) I passed my ECPE Proficiency Exams , so way to go !
Ewrwet by InSolem

Send me your requests - commisions - ideas , anything .I'll probably see them once my exams are done , or not so often I guess ,so please be patient!And I am really sorry for those who I still own some contest prizes , no promises but I'll try...
W.I.Ps journal - -> Activity(W.I.P) new -rivenI don't know when I'll be active (for real) but I can let you know about my future projects.I'll try to log in and check my messages often, however I can't say when I'll be able to submit these artworks.(btw the new kuroko no basket opening is really nice)
:bulletgreen: = for sure :bulletyellow: = maybe :bulletblue: = done :bulletred: = in progress
:bulletred:Contest prize - Hinata for lilomat
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - for Ninja-chi
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - Itachi for JeiGoWAY

:bulletgreen:Katarina - League of Legends
[Bullet; Green]Jinx - League of Legends
[Bullet; Green]Braum - Leagua of Legends
[Bullet; Green]Magi
[Bullet; Green]Hakuryuu Ren - Magi (back)

[New]:bulletnlue:Riven - League of Legends(progress)[Post Below]

[Bullet; Blue]Morgana - League of Legends[Post Below]



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hi, i'm from greece,I like drawing
:iconfallen-san: Have a look , great cosplayer and good artist

Information about my artwork :
Programme : Photoshop Cs3 , Paint tool sai
Tablet : Wacom Bamboo tablet
Ideas-Concepts : I actually prefer to draw mostly anime style ,Sometimes I do a semi - realistic or working on realism ,I will try in the future to have some more creative ideas
Requests : I am no longer open for requests and I do not think I will be , I think I spend (a lot of) time in requests and most of the times I can not finish them in time (it usually takes me longer to finish a request than one of my own ideas), in addition most of the people on internet would ask for something free so I do not beleive it is right for someone to spend energy and time in a draw and just give it for free,I am still a student so I don not have much time to spend as I have my homework to do and stuff so I believe it is better If I no longer do requests.
Commissions : you can check the donation pool above(If there is not one ,I am not open for comissions)
Art Trades :I actually never did one ,I do not know how it works and the process so I do not know If I would be interested in artrading.

If you have any questions note me

Tumblr-Jean ask blog

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