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So, I've made an account on redbubble...
Let me know if there is anything that you'd like me to upload
:new:Female Braum
4ts5e6s5547 by InSolem
Eye7676r by InSolemWte4 by InSolem

W.I.P(better quality when it's done)
Weqw3r by InSolem
Ewrtwr by InSolem

I don't know when I'll be active (for real) but I can let you know about my future projects.I'll try to log in and check my messages often, however I can't say when I'll be able to submit these artworks.(btw the new kuroko no basket opening is really nice)

:bulletgreen: = for sure :bulletyellow: = maybe :bulletblue: = done :bulletred: = in progress

:bulletred:Contest prize - Hinata for lilomat
Rtyrdyd75675 by InSolem:bulletgreen:Contest prize - for Ninja-chi
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - Itachi for JeiGoWAY

:bulletgreen:Katarina - League of Legends
:bulletgreen:Jinx - League of Legends
:bulletgreen:Braum - Leagua of Legends
:bulletgreen:Hakuryuu Ren - Magi (back)

:bulletnlue:Riven - League of Legends(progress):below:
The Exile - League of Legends by InSolem

:bulletblue:Morgana - League of Legends:below:
The Fallen Angel - League of Legends by InSolem

:bulletblue: Free Request for my 200th watcher
:iconkurirururu: - her oc :below:200th Watcher 's Request by InSolem

:bulletblue:shingeki no kyojin - Erwin/Levi/Hanji/Eren/Mikasa/Armin/Jean/Marco/Connie/Shasha/Reiner/Annie/Berthold/Ymir/Krista :below:

Moves Like Jaeger(+speedpaint) by InSolem
:bulletred: Prince Jean / Princess Mikasa (for my ask - blog)
Gteryte5 by InSolem

:bulletgreen: Kuroko no basket - Generation of Miracles/ Kagami(animals)(I'll do this later)
:bulletgreen:Kuroko no basket - fanart
:bulletyellow: Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Xanxus / Squalo(?)
:bulletred: Original drawing - dog

Rete by InSolem

:bulletred: Hakuouki animation - Sanosuke(based on another animation)
45656 by InSolem
:bulletyellow: Kuroko no basket / Free! fanart (not sure /not something specific / would you like that?)
:bulletyellow: Claymore - Galatea/Miata/Clarice
:bulletgreen:Final Fantasy IV Fanart(after years)(most of the main characters)(Red wings)
:bulletgreen:Final fantasy IV after years - Porom / Palom /Leonora(buddies)
:bulletgreen: Final fantasy iv -Edge (your young highness)
:bulletyellow: Kingdom Hearts fanart ( don't know what- let me know if you have something in mind)
Merry Xmas-Ventus Vanitas by InSolem
Merry Xmas-Ventus Vanitas
hi , so It's Christmas and I decided to draw something!
The first thing that came into my mind was a drawing of our dogs! Ventus and Vanitas.
They keep me company during holidays , not much to say!
Ventus is a greek shepherd 3.5 years old while
Vanitas is a german shepherd 3.5 years old! Love them both! <3

Thank you for watching me in the stream , (after so long i decided to stream again)
My internet connection sucks , so I can't use .That's why I created a new account in a site named, if any of you saw the stream let me know how it was!
Her is my account , feel free to follow me :…

Used : wacoom bamboo tablet
Reference: Untitled Untitled Untitled account :…
Thanks for Watching!
I hope you enjoyed your time there!Let me know how was the streaming!.
Livestreaming! Let's hope it'll work this time!…
Bball : the Feeling of Freedom and Excitment by InSolem
Bball : the Feeling of Freedom and Excitment
This is for the "Give the gift of Art Challenge" contest
Ok , now related to the drawing :

Tools: :
Media : digital
Program : Photoshop cs6
Used :wacom bamboo tablet

  Tribute to the guy that taught me the value of sports. My family and I had just moved out from the city to rural area and I haven't even graduated from the elementary school , I was in the 5th grade, I hated basketball due to the bad expirences I had in my previous school and I was completely irrelevant with any other sport(except swimming but that's not something related to this story). We've met for the first time in the elementary school and that's where I saw him playing . After some time we became friends and I asked him to teach me basketball.He didn't do much with the technical skills as I wasn't very good at it , but by inviting me to play and be in his team , he helped me out quite a bitAfter a while I was able to participate in games and matches (not something official - during breaks/P.E at school or in evenings at the playground)(even getting good at it).
    It didn't matter that they weren't official games , because we had so much fun and since then I am thrilled with the idea of playing basketball.I am just focusing on game and leaving everything else out for the time being It's always fun and although we don't play basketball together anymore , I am getting excited even watching him playing(he is in high school , but he is a member of a "big " local team now). I am in High scgool now and I am about to graduate , but nothing has changed for me from back then. Still the same feeling of freedom and excitment when I'm playing basketball.
    So exept from a "thank you"  I'd like to give him something that would have the same effects on him, motivation , excitment and freedom . I don't know what this is ...but he has my support!



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hi, i'm from greece,I like drawing
:iconfallen-san: Have a look , great cosplayer and good artist

Information about my artwork :
Programme : Photoshop Cs3 , Paint tool sai
Tablet : Wacom Bamboo tablet
Ideas-Concepts : I actually prefer to draw mostly anime style ,Sometimes I do a semi - realistic or working on realism ,I will try in the future to have some more creative ideas
Requests : I am no longer open for requests and I do not think I will be , I think I spend (a lot of) time in requests and most of the times I can not finish them in time (it usually takes me longer to finish a request than one of my own ideas), in addition most of the people on internet would ask for something free so I do not beleive it is right for someone to spend energy and time in a draw and just give it for free,I am still a student so I don not have much time to spend as I have my homework to do and stuff so I believe it is better If I no longer do requests.
Commissions : you can check the donation pool above(If there is not one ,I am not open for comissions)
Art Trades :I actually never did one ,I do not know how it works and the process so I do not know If I would be interested in artrading.

If you have any questions note me

Tumblr-Jean ask blog

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