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As soon as your commission is ready I'll upload your artwork here or sent it to you (e.x. by email) and I'll add a slot to my commission widget then you'll have to pay me via this.

This slot is to explain how my commissions work , do not pay here.
In case you are interested in my commission info "style" here is the free temple I used to make it : Commission Info Template by zodiacspothole

prize contest- fire and earth by InSolem
Commission - House of Fear - KenneDuck by InSolem
Full detailed commission info above^
Manga Pages
:bulletblack:The price is for one page , but after 3 pages it's half price 500:points:(5$)
:bulletblack:Coloured Manga Pages are charged 11$ each and after 3 pages 550:points:(5,5$)
5ytse54 by InSolem
Clare - Claymore 001 (2) by InSolem
Full detailed commission info above^
Full coloured - simple
Shotgun guy-Prompto-Final fantasy xiii versus by InSolem
Commission - Travelers - Shocky-Shiver by InSolem
Commission - Wings of Hope -  midna12345678910 by InSolem
Commission - Bach - JutaWi by InSolem
Commission - Damien - dweeblet by InSolem
Full detailed commission info above^
Full Coloured - Half body/Headshots
Edge-Final Fantasy Iv The After Years by InSolem
donator's request - Shinigami Piwy by InSolem
Donator's request - Awaken by InSolem
Rein -7Dreamwolfstears by InSolem
Full detailed commission info above^
Full Coloured - Full body
The Fallen Angel - League of Legends by InSolem
Commission - Artemis Kaguya -  HkiwiJayKyshigi by InSolem
Commission - Sandstorm - LieutenantDorky+ speedp by InSolem
Commission - Boiler Room -  Shea-Hime by InSolem
Commission - Anemone - Liiserz by InSolem
Full detailed commission info above^



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hi, i'm from greece,I like drawing he/GENERAL INFORMATION
Journal with Ideas- Upcoming Projects:
Commission Information:
Current Commission List:
Commission Examples:…

Information about my artwork :
Programme : Photoshop Cs6 , Paint tool sai
Tablet : Wacom Bamboo tablet
Requests : I am no longer open for requests and I do not think I will be , I think I spend (a lot of) time in requests and most of the times I can not finish them in time (it usually takes me longer to finish a request than one of my own ideas).You may ask me though , I'll consider it.
Commissions :commission widget(above or below)or Link above(If there is not one ,I am not open for commissions)
Art Trades : feel free to ask , if I have time I'd be glad to do one with you .
If you have any questions note me

Facebook Page



just a list to keep up with my ideas. Not sure when all these will be done
:new: :bulletgreen: Palette Chanllenge: A806cdd83f08a590c2d1ad541c06e5f8 by InSolem (I haven't forgotten you - Just finished my commission list )
  **SevenDreamwolfstears : 13 :…

**ThePsiFiles : 14 :… /…

**SuperShanko : 28 :…

**Sanmedare : 14 : /

**Rebeth-Sunwatcher : 20 :

**Silverheart-Nine : 16 :…

**TheRubenSpike : 6 :…

**Venterry : 31 :…

**Shottis : 32 :  /

**KawaiiLunacchi : 42 :… /… /…

**facebook_page : 32 :  Ulquiorra

:bulletgreen:Electricity - wolves
:bulletgreen:Silence is the enemy
:bulletgreen: Friends - koi fishes
:bulletgreen:Martial arts : Aikido - animals
:bulletgreen:Original idea - not sure what exaclyW.I.P(better quality when it's done)
Weqw3r by InSolem
Ewrtwr by InSolem
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - Hinata for lilomat
Rtyrdyd75675 by InSolem
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - for Ninja-chi
:bulletgreen:Contest prize - Itachi for JeiGoWAY

:bulletgreen:Katarina - League of Legends(ulti)
:bulletgreen:Jinx/Thresh - League of Legends(mecha)
:bulletgreen:Hakuryuu Ren - Magi (back)

:bulletgreen: Prince Jean / Princess Mikasa (for my ask - blog)
Gteryte5 by InSolem
:bulletgreen: Kuroko no basket - Generation of Miracles/ Kagami(animals)
4565611 by InSolem
:bulletgreen: Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Xanxus / Squalo
23542 by InSolem

:bulletgreen: Original drawing - dog

Rete by InSolem
:bulletgreen: Hakuouki animation - Sanosuke(based on another animation)
45656 by InSolem
:bulletgreen: Claymore - Galatea/Miata/Clarice(AWAKEN)
:bulletgreen:Final Fantasy IV Fanart(after years)(most of the main characters)(Red wings)
:bulletgreen:Final fantasy IV after years - Porom / Palom /Leonora(buddies)
:bulletgreen: Final fantasy iv -Edge (your young highness)

:star:Commission Spam
Hi ,
my current commission list is almost empty right now ( I am waiting a response from a commissioner , but that is just 2 last ,which are currently on hold) , in other words all my commissions are completed. So I 've been thinking lately that all my drawings for the past few months ,that were submited, were commissions. I believe that lately I haven't completed any of my projects or original artworks and indeed I focused on my commissions since I was in need of money.
So if someone gets in my gallery - it's like a huge spam of commissions(which is the main reason I use folders - but some of them haven't been updated in like ages) and I'd like to change that , so for now I'll focus on some of my projects(projects= palette challenge , original artworks , fanart) (unless a commission comes up) , which I hope you enjoy !

:star:Personal Stuff
As I have mentioned before I study at the university - Section informatics and telematic and I sit for exams in September , so I have to study . I also have some other personal business to take care of  , so I'll be away for some time ( not active)

In other words I had to "split" my time in sections and focus on different activities each time (still have to) , I'll be working on my projects
(projects= palette challenge , original artworks , fanart) in the next days(probably a week maybe) then I'll be off to study and I'll be back somewhere in the middle of September.I'll try to work things out .Just wanted to post a small update of what's following.

Magic Book by InSolem
Magic Book
This one supposed to be a commission , it didn't work out eventually with this design.
I apologise in advance for the grammar and the syntax , it suppose to be old ancient japanese or something , I am in no level to write poems and stories neither to english nor to Japanese( I am completely irrelevant with the language) , but I tried to create something nice... if one translate the text please do not judge, I just google translated from english to japanese :)

I hope you like it!
Art by : InSolem (me)
Media : digital ( Photoshop )
Wacom bamboo tablet used
New design :
Commission - Magic_book - dragonschool+speedpaint by InSolem
Commission - Magic_book - dragonschool+speedpaint
Detailed Info--->

Art by : me
Commission for :
Media : digital ( Photoshop )
Wacom bamboo tablet used
speedpaint :

Note: The final artwork include a few arrangements for its use - here is what it supposed to be
yeeah for the new language I created for this artwork XD :la:


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